July 29, 2020

007: Being the Best Marketer or Salesperson Means Nothing if You're Not Healthy: Tips to Keep Moving While Still Sitting at Home - with Drew Hulburt

We get it, we're all stuck at home. The term "Covid weight gain" has become a common one. But fitness expert and movement guru, Drew Hulburt explains that all is not lost. In fact, there are very simple things you can do, staring tomorrow, that will help your body feel better right away.

In Episode number 7, let's get outside the box a bit and focus on our PHYSICAL state, rather than our business one. Because without health, success doesn't matter.

Drew takes us on a deep dive for 30 minutes or so, breaking down how to add basic movements into your daily routine that could help your neck pain, back pain, leg pain, and more. The fact is, sitting at a desk, all day, every day, without intentional, conscious movement planned into that day, will only result in pain and discomfort.

Becoming more aware of how your body reacts to certain positions is one small way that you can change your health. By paying attention to your body’s pain response, you’ll be able to identify what little changes you need to make to hurt less.

Try some of Drew’s exercises to improve your office body, and connect with Drew on LinkedIn for some more tips and tricks for office professionals.

What’s Inside:
● The drawbacks of working from home for your body.
● How to take care of your posture beyond the idea of “sitting up straight”.
● Which exercise will give you the most return for your investment?
● The average person should be doing, at a minimum, these certain exercises every day.

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