Aug. 1, 2021

055: Trust and Leadership and Success with DR. BRIAN HARMAN

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Did you know that 85% of workers worldwide are disengaged from their work? And that 60% of workers are also more willing to trust a STRANGER than their own's true!

Why is that, and how can we fix it?

In steps the incomparable and amazing, DR. BRIAN HARMAN, the owner of BMH (Business Management Hallmark) and coach of executives who want to become better. Better leaders, better co-workers, better humans.   

Brian brings the goods in episode 55 ofMarketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, covering such topics as:

●       Why are there so many bad bosses? 
●       Building trust with employees using personal stories.
●       Allocate your time according to your core values for a more fulfilling life.

Trust plays such a huge part in building any relationship, and Brian's focus is on bringing the human element back into the workplace. In today's world where we're all a bit burned out from the mechanical sales and management training that's everywhere, a shift towards sharing more personal stories and becoming more genuine in our interactions is key. 

Personalization in terms of time management is also a shift we can make to live a more fulfilling life. Focusing on the things that matter when blocking out your calendar can make all the difference. Shifting away from productivity and towards "how can I do more of what I value the most" can be a game changer. 

So pull up a chair or pop on those ear buds as Dr. Brian takes us on a journey that will no doubt make you rethink you strategies with your employees, and everyone you work with.


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