Oct. 7, 2021

061: If Your Business Isn't Profitable, Nothing Else Matters. with ROCKY LALVANI

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Sure, getting the latest and greatest tips on marketing and selling is great, but if you don't have your business set up to be PROFITABLE, nothing else matters.

Let me introduce you to profit and business expert, ROCKY LALVANI, a disciple of the amazing book, "Profit First," the best-selling book by Mike Michalowicz. Rocky takes the principles and concept in Profit First, and helps businesses of all shapes and sizes, understand what it takes to be profitable.

Putting your profits first in your small business can look and feel counterintuitive to everything you thought you knew about making money, or anything you may have been told. Lalvani’s method of structuring your business bank accounts will not only change the way you look at making money, but will transform your business into a profit-making machine.

All you need to learn to do is to set it up the right way.

This is an absolute must-listen to anyone out there who owns their own business, big or small. Becoming a millionaire might not be that far out of your reach.

What’s Inside:

●       Steps to put profit first in your small business.
●       How our inherited money mindsets can block us from financial success.
●       How to structure your business bank accounts.
●       Why it’s important to pay yourself first when putting together your budget.

Mentioned in this Episode:
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