Sept. 21, 2021

059: Is Your Marketing Stuffy, Stodgy and Old? with ALEYA HARRIS

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Is your marketing stuck in the past? Are you still using conservative copy, stale sentences, and safe social media?

Or, here's the better question...does your copy convert?

Well if not, pull up a chair for Episode 59 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, as business owner ALEYA HARRIS of Flourish Marketing takes us to school and how to wake up your marketing.

A lively and fun episode that you won't want to miss, Aleya covers many topics you're going to want to hear. Among them, she speaks about how content should always make your potential client feel like they’re understood, and good copy comes from a place of empathy and clarity.

"Your business is like an airplane," she discusses. "The body is your overhead, and that needs to be light. If not, you're going down. Your engines are your marketing and your sales."

Listen to the whole episode for great tips that include:

●       Tips on how to grow your brand presence fast as a new business owner
●       Why authenticity matters in marketing
●       How to position yourself as an expert and why researching is important
●       What to consider when building an email marketing strategy that converts

So sit back and relax and get ready to be entertained in episode 59 with Aleya Harris! 

Mentioned in this Episode:
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