Sept. 24, 2020

018: Do You Use Stories in Your Social Media? with Amy Blaschka

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The polished marketing messages of yesteryear just don’t cut it on social media anymore. Consumers want real, honest, and vulnerable messages from the thought leaders, experts, and influencers they follow.

That's where social media ghostwriter and all around amazing entrepreneur, AMY BLASCHKA comes in...don't have time to write your posts, your blogs, your content? Let Amy structure a plan and do it for you.

In this enlightening and informative podcast episode, Amy breaks down what you need to do to make your posts resonate, be memorable, and want people to engage. It's not just about you, or your product. In fact, it never is.

It's about what the viewer feels will resonate with them, will connect. And Amy gets to the heart of that in this interview.

What’s Inside:

●       How to find your engagement percentage on your social media posts. 

●       The secret to creating video content: keep it brief and get to the point.

●       Why you want to sell a product with a story (and what that looks like).

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