Nov. 25, 2020

027: Asking the Right Questions and Acting With True Confidence, with Tim Croll

027: Asking the Right Questions and Acting With True Confidence, with Tim Croll

There’s a scale of knowledge that’s in the subtext of every sales conversation. You, the salesperson, knows every feature of the new product, and your customer only knows that they need something. Finding out what the underlying need a person has can be as easy as saying, “tell me about your story." 

On my latest podcast of marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, let's take a small detour into the the strategy of a business conversation, how to be vulnerable, and how to "act as if" you know where you're going and with the confidence to get there.

Business Growth Strategist, Tim Croll teaches growth strategies for the digital age, and in this episode, he lays out three great tips for figuring out what a potential customer needs. 

  1. Acknowledge their interest.
  2. Point toward the questions they’re not asking.
  3. Capture that interest by tying together the familiar with the unfamiliar.

If you’re wondering what that looks like in a conversation, Tim shows how to apply that without coming across as a hard sell. 

You’re never going to have 100% buy-in on every customer you meet, and Tim wants you to know that that’s not the point. Find the people who need your product, ask the right questions, and increase your sales authentically.

What’s Inside:

●       How to hear the questions that customers don’t want to ask.

●       Analogies have the power to cut through the noise and connect with the customer. 

●       Hear Tim’s detailed explanation for the 4 steps you can take to increase your confidence.


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