March 19, 2021

042: Do You Want That Promotion to be a Leader? with MELISSA WORREL-JOHNSON

042: Do You Want That Promotion to be a Leader? with MELISSA WORREL-JOHNSON
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You’re at the point in your career where you know that you want a promotion, but the competition in your office is fierce. It’s completely normal to feel nervous or unsure about your success, but pull up a chair and listen to my next guest, Melissa Worrel-Johnson, who is going to help you step over your fears and walk into an amazing new position.

On the next episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, business and entrepreneur coach, Worrel-Johnson, with 18 years experience in the sales and marketing world, talks about her passion in helping small businesses develop leadership skills, and succeed. 

When business leaders come to Melissa for help on upskilling their leadership expertise, they’re usually looking for help with the same three problems. In this podcast, Melissa lays out how you can:

  1. Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  2. Develop better time management skills
  3. Create a positive team culture

For Melissa, people, purpose, and passion are her three core strengths, and all of her work revolves around their focus.  Learn how she takes those three beliefs and uses them as a roadmap to success.

What’s Inside:

●       How you can create the power of external motivation to move you toward your goals.
●       What it looks like to “manage up” and “manage down”. 
●       You can create better work/life balance with these time management skills.

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