June 22, 2020

003: What Got You HERE, Will Not Get you THERE - with Brittany Drozd

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Entrepreneur executive coach,  Brittany Drozd, knows what it takes to be successful, to grow your business, and to be happy in your life. It takes vulnerability, honesty, strength, and being real with yourself. It takes being adaptable to change. It takes understanding that the skills and knowledge that helped you get where you are today, may not necessarily be the skills and knowledge that will get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

She thrives helping high-level executives learn how to stop and think about how they can move beyond reacting to a situation, to thinking about how sharing your authentic self will help others connect with you. 

As a coach for entrepreneurs, Brittany focuses on how she can serve her clients because she’s thinking about the long term relationship. She shares some strategies for how you can create better long term relationships with your customers and clients. And advises that what you put out into the universe will always come back to you. 

Listen in as she shares great advise that will help everyone from sales, to marketing, to C-level executives, hone the skills they need to get "unstuck" and propel their business, and themselves, forward. 

I’ve worked with Brittany, and she’s the real deal. If you want to work with Brittany too, you can contact her through LinkedIn or on her website. 

What’s Inside:
—Why you want to stay in your zone of genius and hire out your mediocre talents. 
—Embrace the plateaus and love the journey you’re on. 
—How to change the narrative of a mistake or misstep.
—Brittany’s advice for you, whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur. 

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