Feb. 3, 2021

036: There's Actually More Important Things Than Sales & Marketing, with Catherine Cantey

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If 2021 is the year you’re aiming for that promotion, then you need to know the skills that senior leaders are looking for. Should you really schmooze more with your boss, or is it really  time to improve your communication skills?

Are you a woman or minority looking to break through the status quo? Are you a college student trying to figure out how to get into a leadership position, or what to do during an interview?

Take a seat and grab a whiskey as leadership and business coach, CATHERINE CANTEY holds nothing back in this great and eye-opening interview on episode 36 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails. 

As a woman who broke barriers in the male-dominated financial and banking industry for decades before moving into coaching, Catherine has had to learn how to control her own narrative so that senior leaders paid attention to her. 

In today’s podcast, Catherine talks about the 3 skills senior leaders are looking for, and how you can casually employ them in a way that will knock their socks off. Learn how:

  1. Listening better makes you a better leader.
  2. Following up with more than a text will set you apart.
  3. Practicing public speaking every chance you get will give you a leg up over the competition.

What’s Inside:

●       How you can move your career along with what Catherine calls “hallway conversations”.
●       Learn the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and why that will make a critical difference in your future promotions. 
●       Catherine explains the 2-2-2 follow-up method that will destroy whatever weak follow up your competition offers. 
●       What future-focused advice is, and how you can ask for it from your boss.

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