Aug. 5, 2020

009: “Stop Putting Out Fires and Start Killing Dragons." 5 Habits to Revolutionize Your Business - with Benjamin Manley

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With advice like “Stop putting out fires and start killing dragons,” you know the interview with Benjamin Manley is going to be good. With a focus on big picture thinking, Benjamin Manley of Knapsack Creative and The Friday, wants business owners to stop getting distracted by busywork and start paying attention to processes that truly move a business forward.

Bring a pen and paper because Benjamin is going to help you leverage your time to
become a better business person, and run your business better than you ever have.

On his own podcast, The Friday Habit, Benjamin helps people find tools that help them live a better life, and today he’s walking us through his 5 key habits and how to apply them to your business.

So many people get distracted by phone calls and minor things that pull you away from tasks that really move your business forward. Are you doing stuff that moves your business forward, or are you just doing something that makes you money?

Digging deep into the 5 key habits, Benjamin lays out how to use them to recenter your team’s work with your vision.

The 5 key habits?
1. Learn
2. Capture
3. Review
4. Decide
5. Act

Get to the root of your problem and practice a little self-care for your business by being
proactive instead of reactive. All of these are supposed to be habits that will help you automate a lot of your business decisions so that the actual decision making process doesn't consume so much of your time.

This outside-looking-in approach empowers your team to take ownership of their role in your company. Benjamin shares how he applies the 5 key habits in his own business, and how you can use it to transform your team too.

Making time to make this happen is such a huge stumbling block for entrepreneurs and
business owners, so Benjamin created an easy checklist that helps streamline that process. If you’d like a copy, you can find one on his website

What’s Inside:
● Find out how to democratize ideas in your company.
● Increase team trust by adopting this key habit.
● How the 5 habits will help you recapture the big picture view of your business.
● Carve out more time to work on your business with this approach.

Mentioned in this Episode:
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