Aug. 31, 2020

012: Do You SCHEDULE Your To-Do List, and Other Amazing Entrepreneur Hacks, with Chaira Covone

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Listen in as executive coach and fellow podcaster, Chiara Covone imparts her amazing wisdom in this cool podcast where we shared each other's show! I was on her show and she was on mine, simultaneously!

In this episode, we discuss...

How to stop being a second-rate salesperson and become amazing when you channel excitement about your life into your job. Chiara Covone wants to help you achieve your goals faster than you believed possible by completely changing your mindset.

As a business and leader coach, Chiara helps her clients become more disciplined so that they can make more money while working less.

Chiara’s going to teach you how to:

● Create more time for yourself.
● Increase your productivity.
● Stop wasting time on Facebook.
● Think about the value you’re adding to your customers’ lives.

When you do the things that make your heart sing, you become a better person all around: a better spouse, a better parent, a better employee, and a better salesman. Chiara wants you to find that excitement and take it into a sales meeting, so that it translates into more sales for you.

What’s Inside:
● How to turn your to-do list into something you’ll actually do.
● Find your own values and achieve your goals.
● Why more discipline in your life will give you more time.
● Focusing on Income Producing Activities will help you sell more.

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