Sept. 4, 2020

014: Does Your Passion Drive Your Business? with Michael Verret

In this lively, enlightening, and thoroughly entertaining podcast interview, listen to Brand Communications expert and former Hasbro marketing VP, Michael Verret, break down the one and only reason why you should be in business. And why that single reason is all you need to guide you in that business.

So many business owners get caught up in what they think they are supposed to do to market their business, what the proper steps are. But along the way, they forget what made them start the business to begin with, what made their hearts sing. Verret explains how to get that back, and why it is critical to harness that passion in all you do within your business.

Don't miss this one, you'll be glad you put on your headphones!

What’s Inside:

●       Communicating your dream as a business helps you connect with customers. 

●       Using humor in the insurance industry keeps consumers’ attention for longer. 

●       Why you need clarity in your message. 

●       What can you do on your LinkedIn profile to stand out?

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