Oct. 20, 2020

022: Are your Social Media Marketing Efforts Authentic, or Salesy? with Kelli Maxwell

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Are your marketing efforts authentic? Or do they come across as salesy?

Do you sound like everyone else? Or are you original?

Tune in to my latest podcast with marketing agency owner and small business entrepreneur,  Kelli Maxwellas we pull back the curtain on what actually makes your social media marketing work.

It's not gimmicks, it's not the latest trend...it's consistency, authenticity, and being true to the brand that you need to build.

Show Notes:

That hard sell that old-school marketers love is something that modern consumers can smell as soon as you open your mouth. Modern marketing on social media requires an entirely different approach to selling.

For Kelli Maxwell from Ember Marketing, helping local businesses grow their businesses using social media marketing means that she’s focused on:

●       Providing authentic connections to other people

●       Using a brand persona to build authority and trust

●       Being authentic and entertaining

●       Collaborating and not competing

Kelli’s never even spent a dime on advertising her own marketing company, but she has so much business that she can turn away clients that aren’t a good fit. 

In addition to her entrepreneurial podcast Campfire Hour and her social media marketing company, Kelli also recently launched a whisky coffee company. Using, yep, you guessed it, social media marketing, Kelli is able to reach her audience across the U.S. from her home in Montana. 
If stepping into social media marketing is something you’d like to try to boost your brand persona, connect with Kelli Maxwell on LinkedIn to learn some more tricks and tips for authentically connecting with your audience. 

 You’ll Learn:

●       What “collaboration over competition” looks like in marketing.

●       The boundaries Kelli puts in place to protect her clients from competition with each other.

●       How to create a personal brand for your social media accounts.

●       Kelli’s best tool for collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

●       Should you focus on your brand first, or selling as much as possible as soon as possible?

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