Nov. 17, 2020

026: So You Think Your Presentations are Good? Think Again, with Simon Hares

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“Does anyone have any questions?” might be the worst question ever asked by a presenter.

After a deadly, dull presentation, the last thing anyone wants to do is drag it out by asking questions. Avoid becoming the poster-child for the world’s worst presentation when you laser down your focus with these amazing presentation, and proposal tips from renowned sales trainer and expert, Simon Hares.

Joining me from Bath, England, Simon, who owns SerialTrainer7 and has been a sales trainer for over 30 years, lays down his tips for putting a little more pep in your presentations. For one, stop with the dreaded multitude of slides. Your presentation is YOU, whether on paper or on screen, it has to be YOU. 

Before you even fire up Windows and prep your slide, Simon’s number one rule is: there must be a point to what you’re doing.  And the points should be one of the following...are you you informing, educating, or persuading your audience? 

 So sit back and enjoy this great interview as Simon is going to help you capture and keep your audience’s attention so that they stay engaged and excited all the way to your final question: “What was your favorite part of this presentation?”.

What’s Inside:

●       How to deal with difficult questions during your presentations.

●       Overcoming a robotic selling script is easy with Simon’s tips.

●       4 types of presentation, and their individual building blocks.


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