Dec. 2, 2020

028: All Your Social Media Hacks in One Podcast (plus some website stuff too!) with Dave Englund

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Did you know that average person swipes on their phone screen enough times every day to equal the height of the Statue of Liberty? Did you also know that the average life-span of a single post is less than an hour?

So how are you going to get someone to STOP on YOUR post?

Coming at you in my latest podcast with tips on how to do this, create entertaining video marketing, website copy, and so many more golden nuggets, is award-winning brand creator, wine lover, owner of Englund Studio and host of Wine with Dave, Dave Englund.

Dave drops amazing marketing bombs on how you can:

●       Get comfortable in front of the camera.

●       Make yourself more approachable in Facebook Lives.

●       Use platforms like TikTok or Twitch or LinkedIn to find your audience.

●       Streamline and update your clunker of a website.

Dave also covers the basics of podcasting if you're thinking about starting one on your own, and also goes over what will keep people on your website.

What’s Inside:

●       Is your website about you? Or does it invite the customer in to see themselves using your product or service?

●       The marketing potential in newer platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and Facebook Lives.

●       Dave’s tips on making your video stop a customer’s mindless scrolling.

●       The fundamentals for creating a podcast that will outlast its competition.


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