Dec. 9, 2020

029: The Culture You Create, and the Culture You Work In, Dictate Your Success, with David McGlennen

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Covid has forced us to integrate our work life into our home life, whether we want to or not. There is no longer a "work-life balance," there is a "work-life integration."

Join me and this week's guest, Executive Business Coach, David McGlennen, as he gets real with happiness at work and at home, and how to achieve both.  And even though most of us are working virtually, company culture is still paramount to success.

Take notes when he explores the problems of a bad company culture, and how so many leaders today don't know how to nurture the proper culture, leading to mediocrity and high turnover.

With a background in the insurance industry and over 20 years of running his own business, David has been a pioneer in the work-from-home space for over a decade.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

●       The three pillars David teaches leaders to stand on.
●       Tips for integrating your business and home life.
●       How culture plays a part in employee retention.

Personal development is a huge part of being a better business leader, so don’t miss David’s recommendations for the best business thought leaders and how he can help you take the next step in your business.

What’s Inside:

●       David puts a structure and a process in place to help businesses create a positive culture.

●       How do we harmonize our work and our personal life in the time of Covid?

●       The seven books David recommends for emerging leaders to add to their libraries.

●       What to look for when you choose an executive coach or entrepreneurial mentor.

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