Jan. 13, 2021

033: It's NOT About the MOST Leads, It's About the BEST Leads. w/Chris Walker

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Why is your sales team closing just 28%?

If you ask the marketing department, it's because they don't know how to close. If you ask sales, they will tell you the leads suck.

The truth? The blame really lands at the feet of the upper management teams stuck in the past, still believing that quantity will always win out over quality, basing success on number metrics and nothing else.  Drive as many leads as possible, and we will be successful.

This however, no longer works, and produces a marketing team that simply generates as many leads as possible, quality be damned, and a sales team that can't close these leads because they are not the ideal customer in the first place.

Get ready for a marketing wake-up call in my latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, as I sat down with digital marketing guru and all-around great guy, CHRIS WALKER, as he talks about how the above philosophy is a thing of the past, and so many other golden nuggets, there are too many to list here.

Just a sample of what you will hear, and see:

What’s Inside:

●       Should you put your pricing on your website?
●       Figuring out when you should jump from organic marketing to paid marketing depends not only your goals, but your current revenue amount. 
●       Google gets way too much credit...find out why.

So pull up a chair or don those ear buds and enjoy some eye-opening marketing advice.

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