June 8, 2020

001: Marketing on LinkedIn, What You NEED To Know! - with Sam Downs

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Kicking off theMarketing and Sales, Over Cocktails Podcast, LinkedIn specialist, Sam Downs, gives everyone listening actionable advice on how to up your LinkedIn game significantly.
How to engage. How to post, what to post, when to post it. How to respond to likes, comments, as well as to haters. It's all here, the best LinkedIn how-to podcast you'll ever hear!
Some Sam tidbits:
—First of all, you need to put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone. Even if you’re just starting out, you still need to build your online presence. This starts by posting often, engaging in other’s content, and sending messages consistently.
—Secondly, don’t spam your target audience, don't send them a sales pitch right out of the box. There’s nothing worse than opening a message that’s just a sales pitch from someone you’ve never heard of before.
—And also, there's this...out of the 680 million people on LinkedIn, only 1% regularly post. That means there's so much room to get your message and your content out there. Take advantage of it.
—If you’re interested in working with someone who can help you build your online brand, Sam would love to connect with you on LinkedIn.
What’s Inside:
— Working online and how to deal with negative comments (and don’t worry, you’ll get them).
— Why you should focus on selling the solution.
— Sam’s suggestions for how you can build your personal brand, even if you have no experience.
— People want businesses to be real right now, especially on social media.

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