July 22, 2020

006: Competing For Your Audiences' Attention has Never Been Harder - with Neil Gordon

"The Value of Our Message Is Not Based On What We Say, But Rather What Our Audience Does Once We're Done Saying It."

So says Neil Gordon, the exceptionally talented communications expert who says in his bio:

"Helping authors, public speakers, and thought leaders to become the face of a movement.
Ghostwriter of numerous non-fiction books that have earned six-figure advances and been seen on national media outlets like Ellen and Dr. Oz. Coach to speakers who have attracted multiple bookings from a single appearance and doubled their fees."

Sit back and enjoy this nugget-filled podcast that will not only help you with basic communication, but will turbo-charge your elevator pitch and teach you how to use authenticity to connect with customers and prospects.

Leave the sales-pitch in the car and start selling with integrity. Enjoy this great podcast!

What’s Inside:
● What a friendly sales pitch does NOT look like.
● How to be more genuine and empathetic in sales.
● Neil’s tip for an elevator pitch in under 20 seconds.
● Making a meaningful connection sometimes means getting a little uncomfortable.

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