Sept. 15, 2020

016: Laughter and Learning and Floyd, All in One Podcast! with Al Getler

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You think a sales and marketing podcast could be a little stuffy, or just have the same old stuff being spit out week after week?

Well if that's your take, be prepared to be converted as you better put on your head phones and hop on over to YouTube after you listen because today's podcast is way outside the box, and will be one of the most entertaining you will hear this year!

In episode 16 of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails, I not only bring in Media Sales expert, Al Getler, to talk about his 30+ years in the advertising and media sales business, but Al brings along two of his OWN guests to join the show.

You see, Al is also a ventriloquist - has been since he was an early teenager - and has played and performed all over the world. His incredibly gregarious and unique style is engaging, hilarious, and also, incredibly smart and helpful, as he breaks down how he has been successful in the sales game over all these years.

Meet Floyd and the Major General during the show, and hear how Al, with over three decades of media experience in magazine, newspaper, and website publishing, explains how to shift how you sell. His company, Focus Revenue Solutions, teaches companies how to close more deals in a fast-paced digital world.

What’s Inside:

●       Being a content leader is going to change your selling game.
●       How to pivot in the pandemic to reach more people than ever before.
●       If you don’t know how to tell a story as a marketer, you’re going to be mediocre. 
●       The best cold calling tips (hint: it’s about math).

Mentioned in this Episode:

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