Oct. 6, 2020

020: Hey Salesperson...No One Wants to Talk to You! with Dale Dupree

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Did you know that 90% of people surveyed hate talking to salespeople? Did you know that the figure is even higher when you ask salespeople themselves if they like talking with a salesperson?

In a wonderfully poignant and honest podcast episode, entrepreneur and business owner, Dale Dupree, uncovers the truth about the sales world. The high turnover rate...salespeople who suffer from anxiety and depression...stress that effects their jobs and their personal lives. Companies that focus purely on numbers, and not on quality or customer retention and experience.

With his company, The Sales Rebellion,Daleis leading the charge in changing the way salespeople honestly connect with their customers. He wants to create salespeople that love their jobs, and customers that love buying from them, by tapping into the human connection that lets people build real relationships of trust.

This one is not to be missed as Dale gets vulnerable with Allan and the audience, relating his own experiences as being a top-level salesperson in the B2B copy machine space, learning how to overcome his own struggles, both professionally and personally, and realizing that becoming your true self is the only way to be successful, in business, and in life. A true must-listen.

What’s Inside:

●       How do I build something bigger than myself in my industry?
●       Dale shares what his father’s legacy looks like and how that’s shaped his life.
●       Stop negotiating with people and instead fellowship with them. 

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