May 28, 2021

050: You've Got Marketing and Sales, But Do You Have Publicity? with TRACY LAMOURIE

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Did you know that social media, and advertising, and networking, and all of those popular and easy exposure vehicles, could pale in comparison to an interview on a morning radio show? Or a quote in a widely-read publication?

Say hello to nationally-known publicist, TRACY LAMOURIE,  who joins me on milestone episode NUMBER FIFTY this week on Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails!

Tracy, author of Get Repped: Build Your Brand with Effective Public and Media Relations, and the owner of her agency, Lamourie Media, positions her clients as experts and builds out their brand using editorials and content-rich interviews. She discusses how you can become the go-to expert for magazines, reporters, or radio and TV stations.

She’s gives us all tips on how you, even solopreneurs, can use the same PR strategies to become the trusted authority in your industry. You’re going to hear her plans on how to:

●       Get quoted by and other huge publications.
●       Talk on the biggest radio morning show in your area.
●       Figure out how to present yourself to media so they love you.
●       Turn that publicity into free advertising.

What’s Inside:

●       How you can get quoted in the paper, and then how you can promote the heck out of it.
●       What the difference between an editorialand an advertorialis, and how you can use editorial content to promote your business.
●       Solopreneurs have the perception that they can’t afford a publicist, but there are some quick wins a publicist can provide that can’t be matched with a regular advertising budget. 
●       Tracy’s favorite websites that can instantly connect you with a reporter that wants to talk to you.

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