Aug. 3, 2020

008: Sales Training is Not a BAD Thing! - with Oliver Catt

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When I train other sales teams, I tell them, “Try not to make your product or service a commodity." So says sales training expert, Oliver Catt, this week's guest on the MSC Podcast!

Anybody can sell a commodity, so how do you separate yourself from all of the
other salespeople? Catt, who's consulting company,  The Cattalyst, uses his experience in the entertainment world, as well as his extensive sales background to help him train and teach salespeople to be better at their jobs.

Whether you’re generating your own leads, or you’re being fed them via a call center, Oliver
understands why you need to adapt your approach to whatever market you’re in. And he wants sales leaders, VPs and managers to understand, that sales training is not a bad, thing, it is a constant need that smart leaders understand and implement.

Listen to this entertaining interview about sales and sales training, and being the best you can be.

What’s Inside:
● Oliver’s sales philosophy, in a nutshell.
● Learn how you can stand out among all of the other salespeople.
● How to make your buyer feel like you’re listening to them.
● Oliver’s advice for everyone who hears “No” a lot.

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