Dec. 16, 2020

030: Who Does Better in Sales? An Introvert, an Extrovert, or Does it Matter? with Eneida Canev

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Can you simply follow the company sales process and be successful?

Can you leave your personality at the curb and simply go through the company pitch and expect to close?

Today's episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails shatters the myth that all extroverts and outgoing people are automatically good at sales, and that if you follow the corporate "process" exactly as trained, you will sell.

Join me as I sit down with sales trainer extraordinaire, ENEIDA CANEV, as she breaks down what it really takes to be a successful sales person, and it's not what you think.

Emotional intelligence, empathy, connection, are all traits of top performers. Following a pitch, making hundreds of cold calls, and leaving your personality at the door, are what make you mediocre, and a low closer. 

And metrics like that also turn you into the typical sales robot, leaving you with low self esteem, a lack of confidence, and usually not liking your job or the product/service you are selling.

Listen to Eneida as she covers:

●       The emotional connection you must have in the sales process

●       Ways you can be yourself within a sales script to close more sales

●       Why the sales process starts in your head with your mindset

●       What sales enablement is, and how you can use it to frame a better sale.

●       We talk about how to price condition customers so that there’s less pushback on a product’s price tag. 

●       How successful salespeople rely on more than reading body language by leaning into emotional intelligence.

An absolute must-listen if you are struggling with how to interact and approach your potentials, and how to use your personality over your pitch to win more business.

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