Oct. 13, 2020

021: So are You a Sales Rep....or a Sales Professional? with Larry Levine

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So are you a Sales Rep...
.......or a Sales Professional?

Better yet, how do your customers or prospects view you...as a Sales Rep, or a Sales Professional?

The difference is enormous. 

Listen to my latest Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails Podcast interview with author and sales expert, Larry Levine, as he distinguishes between the two, plus covers many other great topics centered around his popular book, "Selling From The Heart."

Would you talk to your friends the same way you talk to your clients? Making small talk just long enough to prove you’re not just trying to sell to your customer isn’t going to fool them, and it’s not going to help you close more sales. Improving your customer-based conversations is going to start with some inner work on your part, and Larry Levine wants to lead you through this self-discovery process to make better, more authentic sales. 

A must-listen for anyone who sells anything!

What’s Inside:

●       Why you need to do the inner work first before you can become an amazing salesperson.

●       The difference between sales reps and sales professionals

●       How do you get noticed in a marketplace if no one knows you exist?



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