June 15, 2020

002: "Step Into the Spotlight" with Stories and Authenticity - with Tsufit

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You're in for a treat as author, actress, comedian, and LinkedIn influencer, Tsufit (Sue-Feet) takes us on an entertaining journey covering sales, marketing, and everything in, and out-between. 

Author of the marvelous book, Step Into the Spotlight, Tsufit shares some incredible insight on how to make yourself standout, how to get away from the typical elevator pitches that suffocate our networking functions, and how to be your authentic self. 

"If you're a salesperson and your selling a waffle iron, and you just talk about the waffle iron, you'll just be another salesperson. But if you tell the story about how the bottom of Nike shoes were designed by a waffle iron, you will immediately become the salesperson that the prospect will remember."

And also, this tidbit...

"An expert is not someone who knows what he knows, an expert is someone who is known for knowing what he knows." 

Tsufit shares so many great pieces of advice, this is a must listen. 

If you had as much fun listening to this podcast as I did recording it, and you want to be part of Tsufit’s Spotlight Group on LinkedIn, you can connect with her on LinkedIn in the Spotlight Group.

What’s Inside:
— How to sell without selling by using stories from real life. 
— Ways to blow your customers away with unexpected appreciation.
— People are so afraid of going beyond professional boundaries that they forget some of the benefits of polarizing their audience.
—Tsufit’s advice on how to engage on LinkedIn.

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