Sept. 8, 2020

015: Do Your Customers Trust You More Than Your Barista? With Hubspot's Dan Tyre

Are you selling like it's 2020, or 2006?

Have you kept up with the wave of technologies that has transformed how sales operates, shifting the balance of power from the salesperson, to the buyer? Have you changed your mindset from selling, to helping?

Pull up a roller coaster and get ready for a great ride as the always entertaining, Dan Tyre, VP of Sales at that little tiny company we all know as Hubspot, sits down with me and takes us through how sales and marketing has drastically changed over the last few decades.

Get ready to laugh, think, nod your head in agreement, and take notes as the inventor of the word "Smarketing," tells us how he went from the very first sales rep at Hubspot, to now overseeing close to 750 of them in 13 years. How the sales world changed with this small search engine named Google that was available on this thing called the internet.

And how all of us, as sales and marketers, better figure out how to help people first.

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