Dec. 22, 2020

031: Sales May Be More Automated, But the Reps That Stay Manual are the Ones That Will Win - with Richard Moore

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You’ve gotten some great engagement on your social media posts, but you can’t seem to figure out how to get clients. You're tempted to use the shiny new automated messaging system, but then wonder if anyone will ever trust you.

Pull up a chair and get ready for some rock solid LinkedIn and sales advice to end 2020 by one of the most qualified experts around, Richard Moore. A true LinkedIn rockstar who also adds over 17 years of sales experience, Richard entertains and enlightens in this great interview to end the year.

In this episode, Richard, who also runs the LinkedIn Client Accelerator program, is going to teach you:

●       How to truly make LinkedIn work for you.

●       The cues that every client is dropping for you to pick up (if you’re paying attention). 

●       The best ways to find an opening into a prospective client conversation.

●       And the warning signs that you are a terrible salesman.. 

What’s Inside:

●       Richard’s tips for warming someone up so they’re not surprised by your pricing.

●       Using LinkedIn is one thing, but do you know how to close deals on there? 

●       How Richard uses charity groups to increase engagement and build positive goodwill in the world. 

●       Why staying manual with your replies will help increase your sales.

 If you’re ready for more tips and strategies for selling authentically, you can find Richard’s Entrepreneur Business Group on Facebook or connect with him on LinkedIn

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