Jan. 29, 2021

035: Customer Service is Not a Buzz Phrase, it's the Heart of Your Business, with Dr. Kelly Henry

Is customer service a main focus of your business, or is it reactionary? Do your employees know what real customer service is, and how to deliver it? Do they, or you, have a plan?

Well if you've answered the wrong way on any of those questions, then pull up a chair and get ready to take notes as the king of customer service, Dr. KELLY HENRY joins me on the latest episode of Marketing and Sales, Over Cocktails.

Did you know that many business owners treat their employees as liabilities instead of assets? And the trickle-down effect from that is there is no way those same employees will treat your customers well either. It all starts from within, and Dr. Henry explains how to turn it all around.

In this episode, Dr. Kelly lays out his five-step process for rebuilding, revamping, and repositioning customer service as the core tenet of your small business. He discusses how these steps will not only improve company morale, but also can help close more sales.

And be prepared at the end for the mantra every business owner should adopt, today!

What’s Inside:

●       Training has to come from the top down if the entire culture of the company is going to change. 
●       How Dr. Kelly helps companies plug in the holes of their customer service process.
●       How can you change poorly entrenched attitudes?

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