March 5, 2021

040: Have You Created Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn? with AMY QUICK

040: Have You Created Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn? with AMY QUICK
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So how do YOU use LinikedIn?

As a place to find a job? As a platform to tell people how good you are? Or do you use it the proper way?


Introducing AMY QUICK, Navy mom and wife, and Fortinet Account Manger extraordinaire, Amy has been in the sales world for 17 years, but was one of the original "brand builders" on LinkedIn, before brand building was a thing.

Now, with close to 24 THOUSAND followers, she is one of the experts when it comes to using LinkedIn to help sell.  Settle in and check out this fun and fascinating interview where Amy talks about what is important on LinkedIn and what isn't; how to navigate that tenuous relationship with your supervisor who doesn't think that any time should be spent on the platform; and how, if you do run or own a business, you would be foolish not to embrace the power of your people being on LinkedIn.

You will hear:

●       The power of building a micro-community online.
●       How to get the engagement ball rolling.
●       How to be smart about when you’re engaging.
●       The networking structure you can build to help get your foot in the door.

What’s Inside:

●       Should you throttle back your emoji use? When is it too much?
●       The challenges of trying to network on LinkedIn, but in the eyes of your boss, you’re on LinkedIn too much.
●       If you’re smart, LinkedIn networking can eliminate most of your cold calling because of your personal brand.
●       Is this really the Year of the Pivot? How Amy had to shift her sales outreach during the pandemic.

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