Aug. 19, 2020

11: Sell More, Sell Better - with Marcus Chan

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"I am not a guru," says the great and gregarious Marcus Chan. "I am just a guy who's made lot's of mistakes and has learned from every one of them."

And turning those mistakes into sales success is what Marcus has made into a habit, skyrocketing in his corporate success with 10 promotions in 10 years before starting his own agency, Venli Consulting Group.

In this energetic and actionable podcast, listen in as Marcus breaks down what he feels leads to success in selling, as well as in life. Changing your mindset, adjusting your outlook and attitudes, and making sure your time is spent on production, and not on distraction.

Rookie sales professionals or 30 year veterans of sales can all learn a little something from Marcus Chan. As a sales expert in the B2B space, Marcus wants to help you change your mindset and habits to become a selling machine that blows your goals out of the water. Sidestep the bad marketing habits you may have picked up and retrain your brain to sell more and sell better.

Today, Marcus teaches sales professionals how to sell more with his 6-Figure Sales Academy. As a comprehensive training from A-Z for B2B sales professionals, Marcus’s academy offers the support every salesman needs, including mindset, prospecting, making the discovery calls, and running the account.

What’s Inside:

● How Marcus turned failure into success with this one mindset change.
● Learn how Marcus changed his behavior by going beyond self-help books.
● Why focusing on Income Producing Activities will completely change your to-do list.
● Listen to how Marcus recommends you find better prospects (and it can be done!).
● The quickest sales tip ever; just two words to get the job done.

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