Aug. 26, 2020

013: Should Gender be a Consideration in Sales? Listen to Sales Automotive and Gender Expert, Cathy Droz, to find out.

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Should car dealerships sell to women, differently than to men?

Should all B2B or B2C sales focus on gender in their sales approach, as equally important as everything else they focus on? Do males look at things differently when purchasing something, than females?

Join me in this fascinating episode with automotive and gender sales expert, Cathy Droz, as she breaks this down, complete with stereotypes and old boy networks exposed. Listen as she took on the entire automotive sales industry and called them to the carpet on how they catered to the male population almost exclusively, and how she broke through and became the expert on setting dealerships straight on how to sell to the 50% of the population they had been ignoring.

Whether you were born female or male, are gay, bi, trans, straight or non-binary, most of you will base your buying decision on how you were treated, and how you felt when dealing with the sales rep.

So learn how to be the rep that everyone feels comfortable with.

What’s Inside:
● The downside of chit-chat in a sales conversation.
● Why you must think about time when you try to sell to women.
● Diversity in your salesforce will help you sell even more.

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